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Lowest Prices

Thanks to our well- maintained relations with producers and our purchase power, you always get the lowest prices on the market.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality controls, and carefully chosen producers. That is the best way to ensure the quality of products.

Professional Logistic

We always do weekly shipment overviews. book containers ahead of time, and work with reliable forwarders Taking care of the whole process is our standard.

Safety & Security

We carefully choose and guarantee for all our producers and products. moreover, we provide European level of services and always live up to our commitments

One Step Ahead

Thanks to our sales data from other countries. our customers will be one step ahead of their competition and have all the best-sellers first.

About Us

Start Each Day By Renewing

Based on all its values on human health and comfort, Furnivex takes comfort and quality levels out of the ordinary. By reinterpreting comfort and creating new life forms, it brings a different perspective to every place it is found in.

Functional and comfortable furniture that you can enjoy relaxing at the end of the day and renovating when starting the new day is waiting for you in Furnivex.

Product Concepts


Reward your body with a healthy mattress with natural ingredients beyond your dreams.

Bed Sets

The mattress sets, meticulously created by Furnivex’s design teams, are enriched with features that offer versatile advantages.

Base & Headboards

Don’t be late to review modern, useful base and headboards, where quality materials combine with elegant design.

Favorite Products

In order to relieve the tiredness of the day with a comfortable sleep and wake up refreshed every day, you need to choose the mattress your body needs. You can examine our products to find the most suitable mattress for your body structure and needs.

A World Full of Wonderful Dreams

Bringing the comfort of sleep above expectations with the combination of natural materials and quality workmanship, Furnivex brings the energy of nature to your room with vibrant colors and quilted patterns inspired by nature.

Furnivex Private Label
Program Will Help You

With our private labelling program, you have the ability to create your own custom brand without having to design and manufacture mattresses yourself. More than a Private Label Manufacturer, we deliver unique, ready-to-market mattresses, based on your requirements With our know-how and production experience from the beginning of the design and decision phase until the shipment of the mattresses, we are your partner in all projects.

Rest, relax and get ready for a renewed life.

Great Sleep That Starts The Change

Discover a more energetic state of you! We have been developing our work for generations to provide the most restful sleep. Meet with furnivex to find the best mattress for you.